Thursday, May 29, 2014

Adult Entertainment

When Uncle Dave isn't providing games for us to play around the pool, he does his best to provide entertainment for the humans. Having lost most of his hair at an early age, Uncle Dave is completely comfortable with his baldness. However, that fact doesn't alleviate his yearning for a full head of hair like Dad's. Being a thoughtful nephew, I thought that it would be cool to surprise him with a gift of hair in a can -- aka Good Looking Hair -- to give him a little confidence boost as he approaches his 65th birthday. I think you'll agree that he looks about 25 years younger with the hair transplant.

Applying the base coat

Perfecting the window-blind bangs 

 A sneak peak

Exuding a sense of confidence he hasn't had in 25 years

 Unbelievable that he's old enough to collect Social Security

Davey "the Destroyer" Knowlton

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