Saturday, May 10, 2014

King of the Couch

Remember the old game King of the Hill? Because the object is to remove the player or "king" who is at the top of a hill, the game is frowned upon by many for being aggressive and mean. Thankfully, M&D don't share that view and find that a little bullying for the position as top dog helps build character and strength.

Roger assumes top dog position

Here in the Knowlton household we like to play a slightly modified version called King of the Couch. Basically, the rules are the same but the mound of dirt or hill is replaced by Mom and the couch. The game begins when she lies down, assumes the fetal position, and covers up to take a nap. While none of us has ever gotten hurt vying for the position as top dog, repeated playing of game will most definitely take its toll on the integrity of your couch so play at your own risk. With Mother's Day being this weekend, I'm pretty sure that there is a game of King of the Couch in store for us.

I spy Mom

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