Saturday, January 31, 2015

Busy Beaver

As you might recall from my end-of-the-year brag sheet, Thelma Lou was hoping to "sit" for her TDI therapy dog test so that she can participate in an after school Kids Read to Dogs Program as well as become an official K-9 volunteer for Celtic Healthcare. We are happy to announce that Katandy's Li'l Angel Thelma Lou is now a certified therapy dog and could be making her first visit as early as tomorrow. 

Busy Beaver 

I must say that I have mixed emotions about Thelma Lou's success. While I am very proud of my little sister's achievements, she has been getting to spend a little more alone time with Mom than I'd like. I know that Mom enrolled her in scent work classes at Good Dog Rising to help Little Lou boost her self-confidence. Two years ago she wouldn't have dared to step outside our backyard without Rog or me let alone venture into a nursing care facility. Clearly M&D's decision to enroll her in the public school system coupled with her exposure to the outside world has worked wonders. She's now confidently shopping at Lowes for power tools with Dad and racking up substantive accomplishments to add to her resume which previously only included beauty pageant titles. But make no bones about it, I am, and always will be top dog in the Knowlton household. 

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