Friday, January 9, 2015

Wonderful News!

Since the holidays are over, one would think that my job of receiving deliveries from UPS and FedEx would have died down, but Mom continues to boost the economy. Grant it. Some of the stuff, like our monthly delivery of crunchies from, is essential. Others, like the Wonder Woman costume that arrived in mail yesterday, we could live without.

Super Lou

Well I have more wonderful news than Thelma Lou in her super hero garb! My natural mother Ch. Katandy's Night Magic "Laurel" turned 12 years old yesterday. Happy Birthday, you silver fox! You're just as beautiful as I remember ya.

Ch. Katandy's Night Magic "Laurel"

I'm sure that Grammy Lee spoiled Laurel with lots of presents from All for the Pet, but here's some icing for the cake. BOL! My AKC Community Canine patch arrived in the mail today! My human Mom was too busy to sew it on my Dog Scout uniform tonight, so what does she do? Makes me do a stay with the patch setting on my snoot between my eyes. As you can see from the photo, I was not real enthused about it. However, I clearly inherited my mom Laurel's good disposition and put up with the nonsense that humors my people parents so much.

 Newman showing off his CGCA patch

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