Monday, January 26, 2015

Pink is the new blonde

So we received a surprise with the impending Snowpocalypse that never arrived in Brushtown — Mom got a bonus snow day from work. We didn't really do much except watch some Boob Tube and hang out on the couch.

Bored Bullies

Unfortunately, late this afternoon Thelma Lou's nose work class at Good Dog Rising was also cancelled. Needless to say, her nose was more than a little out of joint. Thelma Lou wasn't the only one disappointed. Roger started whining like a little Mexican Chihuahua because he'd miss our daily cruise in town with Dad while Mom and Thelma went to class.

Senor Roger

After about an hour of Roger whining and Thelma pouting, Mom caved in to Thelma's pleas for "Mom and me" time so off to the beauty salon they went. Dad was not real happy with either of them when they returned and Thelma was sporting a bright pink bob like fashion designer Nicole Richie did earlier this week.

Pinky Tuscadero

Nicole Richie at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GIRL, you are working that pink better than Nicole could ever hope to. :)

I am also impressed with your athletic ability that allows you to jump up on the counter.

You are the whole package!!