Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A bit of Irony

You know the old phrase, "You learn something new every day?" Well I swear, right paw up to Dog, as sure as my name is Newman, that it's true.

Just this evening, I received an e-mail message from my Aunt Lee saying that she had read yesterday's Blog entry about Mom being a faithful blood donor. Well, it turns out that my real K-9 Mom, Laurel, Ch. Katandy's Night Magic, is also a blood donor dog. Now, how cool is that?

Coincidence or irony? You decide. Prior to yesterday, the last time that my adoptive Mom tried to donate blood, she was a little low in iron so maybe it is just a coincidence.

As many of you know, I am the complete opposite of what M & D had hoped to bring home - a 10-12 week old, flashy fawn, female pup. In any event, I know it was no darn coincidence that I ultimately became a Knowlton pup. I have no doubt that Beulah Ruth helped to line up the stars that put M & D on the path to Severna Park, MD.

Thank you BR for pointing M & D in the right direction! Your guidance has helped them overcome their sexist and racial stereotypical mindset. They now realize that color is only skin deep.

"Laurel" ~ Ch. Katandy's Night Magic

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Beth Downey said...

Hi Newman!!

We are blood donors too!!! And we give blood at the same place your mom Laurel does. Matter of fact Cal who was an Amity Hall Boxer like us was married to Laurel once before she met your dad! Not sure we understand all that but we think it is a dog thing. Besides, Cal has been at Rainbow Bridge for a while now so it was actually his frozen tadpoles that Laurel was married too.... Anyhow, we just wanted to share how important it was to donate blood and let you know we donate regularly!!! Also, we don;t want to embarrass you but the town you came from is Severna Park, MD. :)
Keep writing, we love your blog!!!! We especially love you in the chickie costume!! When you start dating beware, that is the kinda picture your mom will pul out to embarrass you in front of your girlfriends!!!


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