Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Show Time (and I don't mean the cable channel)

If you're keeping up with my blog, you know that I lead a pretty busy and exciting life.

Last Sunday was an extremely special day because Mom, Dad and I attended the 2008 Blue & Gray Cluster Dog Show held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA - a mere 30 minutes from my house.

While the day started out a little rocky because we had trouble finding Ring 16 where the Eastern Boxer Club specialty show was being held, it turned out to be a wonderful day. I met so many nice new people who told me how handsome I am - even some of the owners who had their own boxers competing in the ring. A very special bonus was that I got to visit with my Grammy Lee and Aunt Beth Downey who were showing my boxer buds Frankie and Razor.

Although I never get tired of hearing how good looking I am, the best comment I heard all day was, "It would be a shame to neuter him without giving him a chance in the ring!" No, not a boxing ring - a show ring.

Aunt Cathy was kind enough to introduce me to Gerard Hughes (Gee), a professional handler, who stacked me and took me for a spin around the ring to see what he thought my chances are of making it in show biz are. Gee gave me the thumbs up so it's off to our first Match Show this weekend in State College, PA being hosted by the Nita Nee Kennel Club.

Mr. Hughes finds a Newman in a Haystack

A special mention is in order for my two new wonderful young lady friends, Paige and Jordan, whom I met while shopping at the show. I’m not sure if they picked Dad and me out of the crowd because they sensed that Dad is an identical twin like they are, or if it was because I am a boxer and they were wearing Eastern Boxer Club t-shirts. In any event, it turns out that their mom Helen is the vice president of Eastern Boxer Club, and she used to breed and show boxers, so she gave me the "once over" as well. Paige and Jordan were very helpful in giving M & D tips on how to make my "stub" stand erect during a stack, too.

My new girlfriends, Paige and Jordan

I must admit, by the end of the day I was more than a little pooped! So much so that I could not help myself, and I dropped a load in the ring. When a boy’s gotta go, a boy’s gotta go.

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