Monday, October 13, 2008

Feel Your Boobies - Are you doing it?

Although Dad doesn't normally pay much attention to the clothes that Mom purchases, he did show an overwhelming interest in the new "Feel Your Boobies" T-shirt and literature that arrived in the mail last week. Mom had to explain that it wasn't an open invitation for Dad to feel her breasts, but rather an effort to spread the word that early detection of breast cancer helps to save lives.

Each year, Feel Your Boobies hosts National Feel Your Boobies® Week in October as a way to help celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The current campaign, “Are You Doing It?”® aims to remind young women about the importance of “feeling your boobies” to get in touch with what is normal for you. This year, National Feel Your Boobies Week is October 10-17, 2008.

Roger and I beg of you to help spread the word and make Boobies bigger by getting involved in the campaign! Please visit to find out more about the effort.

Real men wear pink!

Did you know that?

  • Breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer among women (behind lung cancer)

  • One out of eight women will develop breast cancer over the course of a lifetime

  • Breast cancer occurs in both men and women, although male breast cancer is considered rare


arribatali said...

Thanks for the reminder- I told Ginny she needed to feel her boobies, and she got a weird look on her face- then I told her to read your blog and she said to write you and thank you- you're a pretty smary guy!!!
And you're right- REAL MEN WEAR PINK!!! Thank your mom for selling all the sweets yesterday!!!
your buddy- Sedona

Anonymous said...

My two little nephews look quite adorable in pink. You're doing a very good thing by reminding all women to feel their boobies. Newman, you look so much better than you did on Friday night. I'm so happy you've made a complete recovery. I wish you could have participated in your Aunt Pee Wee's birthday celebration, but we know you were there in spirit. xxxooo to you both.... Aunt Lisa