Friday, October 31, 2008

Know what's real S-C-A-R-Y?

Newman: Ok, Pumpkin head, I'll take the bait. Enlighten me as to what is scarier than I am.

Roger: Well, for starters Scary Movie is scary!

Newman: Duh!

Roger: And then there's the melt down on Wall Street.

Sure, but we're young enough that we can ride that out. I just hope our 529 Educational Funds don't tank so that we can afford the first-rate education at
Penn State Law that we deserve.

Roger: Do you know what else is scary, Dude?

Newman: No, enlighten me, O wise one.

Roger: All too often we take things in life for granted – like expecting blood to be available for us when we most desperately need it. Eventually, there will be a time when you or a loved one are faced with needing blood. And, with Howl-o-ween upon us, the possibily of a vampire draining our blood in the middle of the night is greater than any other time of the year.

Newman: Hey, Bat-Pig, I know it's Howl-o-ween, and you are a distant relative of the blood-sucking vampire. But, what are you trying to do? Scare the daylights out of everyone!

Roger: No. All I'm saying is that there is nothing scarier than a shortage of blood! Whether it be human or canine. And, we can do our part by helping our friend Wyatt become the blood donor SpokesDog for America that he aspires to be.

Newman: We beg of you to help put Wyatt's "mug" on the cover of a Milk-Bone box to relay the message of how important it is to donate blood, both human and canine.

Please take a minute to visit and vote for Wyatt to help him carry out his mission to become Milk-Bone's SpokesDog for America.

Wyatt's Mission to Save Lives!

Wyatt and his Mom, Dr. Jacqueline

My name is Wyatt, and I have been chosen from thousands of dogs as one of the Final 100 Dogs who will ultimately become the Milk-Bone Spokesdog!

My mom, Dr. Jacqueline, is a veterinarian and I help her save other dogs' lives by donating blood every 7 weeks at the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank. Becoming the SpokesDog for Milk-Bone will allow me to spread the word to millions of dogs about the importance of donating blood!

Just like people, animals need life-sustaining blood and plasma transfusions in emergencies. Lots of pets and their people don’t even know that they can donate blood to help other pets in need.

In order to fulfill my dream of spreading the word as far as possible, I need to become the Milk-Bone SpokesDog. And, the only way I can do that is with help from YOU! Please vote for me, Wyatt, every day from now until November 18 by visiting

I hope that you will not only vote for me, but that you will share my undertaking with your friends so that my message to GIVE BLOOD reaches far and wide.

For more information about canine blood donations visit the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank.

Thank you from the bottom of my blood-pumping heart!

I’m Wyatt and I approve this message.


Angela D said...

Can I tell you again that you should make money off of this stuff....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angela d....

Aunt Lisa

Beth Downey said...

Hey Newman and Roger, we are all blood donors at the same blood bank as Wyatt!! We even knwo his mom and she is really nice!! We have been donating for over almost 2 years now and one time we went in, they actually were waiting for us to getthere cuz some poor doggy in VA was very ill and needed our blood for a transfusion!! Giving blood is a good thing and believe it or not, Boxer blood is especially needed because it is equivalent of Type O which is the universal donor blood in people!
So CJ, Amee and Razer are all donors and Cassye would liek to but she is over the 7 year age cut off and Peanut is still below the 9month old age minimum but someday she will be able to!!
GO WYATT!!! And thanks for putting this on your blog Newmie!!!

Love your distant somehow related relatives,
Amity Hall Boxers - CJ, Amee, and Razer

Newman said...

Aunt Beth - Thanks for pointing out that Boxer blood is special. Mom is looking into getting me to become a donor at a facility that is closer than EVBB. She is a regular donor herself. Her type is O positive, too!

Rodgey won't be able to donate because he doesn't meet the 35-pound weight requirement. I'm sure with his appetite that the little bat-pig could easily reach 35 pounds in no time! But, Mom keeps him at his trim 28-pound limit dictated by the Frenchie standard.

Bella the Boxer said...

Super cool costumes, guys! Thanks for the info on Wyatt...we're gonna go vote right now!

xoxo - Bella