Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still no pot to piss in

So today we did something that we vowed we'd never do again - visit Pottstown, PA. You still can't find a pot to piss in, so thankfully Rog and I don't need one. However, we did christen many of the trees bursting with fall foliage in Warwick County Park where the annual Eastern Boxer Club Match Show was held.

Unfortunately, there were only three boxers, including myself, who registered for the event. Through no fault of my own, I got my butt handed to me by Tess, a very cute, 22-month old brindle bitch. And, I do mean bitch! With my own eyes, I saw her put an almost 80-pound boxer boy named Ben in his place when he tried sniffing her butt.

Tess gets a congratulatory hug from her dad

The event concluded with a wonderful picnic luncheon sponsored by Eastern Boxer Club, during which time I got to speak to many people including my Uncle Tony & Aunt Mary Louwerse and Aunt Cathy Sylvester, who told me what Mom tells me every day - that I am a beautiful boxer, but I'm still a baby who needs to fill out before I take the ring by storm.

I also had a one-on-one chat with the judge who told me point blank that my biggest fault today was my handler, Daddy Dawg. He must have had NASCAR on the brain and thought it was a race around the ring because at one point the judge asked him to slow down so that I wasn't just a brindle blur. Thank Dog Grammy Lee will be handling me next weekend at the Potomac Boxer Club Fall 2008 Sweepstakes and Specialty where there are 80 boxers registered to compete.

Quite frankly, we were all lucky to come out of the day unscathed because of the black walnuts that were pummeling the picnic area. I had to reassure my little bro' Rog who kept crying, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" that the world was not coming to an end. It makes you wonder about the wiring between those bat ears of his.

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Carey said...

Tessa thanks you for calling her a bitch. LOL!! She fits the decription so nicely sometimes--in between sloppy Boxer kisses. She is fully aware that next meeting w/ Newman-he's gonna take her down. He is a gorgeous boy & look out--he will take the ring by storm. I think Tessa even stole some glances @ Newman--she's such a flirt sometimes. Good luck in MD

Tessa's mommy-Carey