Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beach Bums

With the monsoon-like weather back home in Pennsyltucky, I am sure that many of you are wondering how the weather is here in the OBX. I am happy to report that the weather here has been absolutely perfect. Last Friday night when we went to bed, we said, "Good night Irene, and Hello Newman!"

Irene did, however, leave some remnants behind that made for some lovely photo ops. Dad was drooling at the chops of possibly bringing home some of the incredible driftwood that was brought up on shore. And then his dream was crushed by a big piece of machinery that came in and scooped up the large debris to remove it. Oh well.

Fort Bully

We have had the pleasure of running into some friends who we met last year. Ironically, they have a Frenchie granddaughter named Tooty. Grandma Julie explained that Tooty has a wry jaw which just makes her extra special. M&D immediately thought that they might have found a female prospect for Roger who would be willing to look past some of his quirky behaviors. We had the pleasure of meeting and romping with Tooty yesterday afternoon. At half the size and weight of Roger with the same size bat ears, she is as cute as a button. I think that maybe when it comes to the ears on Frenchies, it's a one-size fits all deal.


Sit back and enjoy the show.

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