Friday, September 16, 2011

IMPROV Sport Exposed

As many of you know, Mom and I made our debut in the first sanctioned IMPROV trial hosted by Dog Scout Troop 161 last month at Dandy Dog Training, during which time I qualified for the first leg of my IMPROV Novice Title (so in your face, Dad!).

I am pleased to let you know that Dog Scout Troop 161 will be hosting another IMPROV trial on Saturday, October 22 at Fieldwood Dog Training Center beginning at 5 p.m. Entries will be $25 per run. Dogs must have DSA Competition Registration Numbers (CRNs) prior to event registration. Closing date for entries is October 15, 2011. Facility is indoors. For additional information, see the IMPROV Trial Premium or contact Troop 161 Scoutmaster Ann Withun.

Unbeknownst to him, Newman is waiting to enter the ring

If you're wondering what the sport of IMPROV is, see my post of July 24 — DSA Sanctioned IMPROV Trial in which I try to layout the basics. I must admit that IMPROV really is hard to explain to anyone who has not witnessed the sport. While I do not have as vast a vocabulary as some, the adjectives that first come to mind to describe IMPROV are: fun, hilarious, fun, entertaining, fun, challenging, fun, exhausting, but most importantly FUN! Did I mention that it was a ton of fun?

Newman exhibits some pre-ring jitters

You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in the case of something as different as IMPROV, a video has to be worth a gazillion words — which is what it would take me to explain the two-day event. Seeing how my editor only gives me about 1,000 words to get my story across to my fans, I thought that video was definitely the way to go.

During this first video, the dogs demonstrate their knowledge of the commands touch and send.

In this video, Kozi demonstrates her ability to sniff out human remains, a task that she has been called upon   to carry out for law enforcement officers in Michigan.

And now the Novice Class demonstrates their IMPROV skills.

And here are a few still shots taken throughout the day for you to enjoy.

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