Monday, September 12, 2011

Life is still a Beach

We're on week two of our vacation in the Outer Banks and the weather just keeps getting better. Yesterday, the sea was no longer angry and the red flags were taken down. It was the first day that we saw dolphins and we were allowed to swim -- that is those of us who know how to swim. Roger and I are definitely not in that category.

While not everyone is a dog person, the beaches of Corolla are very dog-friendly. Many people have told us how much they enjoy watching us romp on the beach, including Alex Moir of A.M. Bespoke Travel, who very kindly shared some action photos that he took of us this past week.

Thank you, Alex, for your sharing your photos with us.

Toots examines Newman's undercarriage

 Roger baits his brother

Roger continues to talk smack to his brother

Roger continues the juvenile, sibling banter

Tooty taunts the tempestuous two 

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