Friday, September 16, 2011

The Toy Story

What is a vacation without a new toy or two to enjoy? The Pooch Ball that Roger is playing with lasted almost two weeks before I breached the integrity of the rubber casing. After the security breach, Mom retired it from our toy system so that we don't swallow any of the pieces which could cause gastrointestinal upset or worse -- intestinal blockage. Been there. Done that. No fun for me or for M&D worrying whether or not I was going to have to have emergency surgery. 

Some dogs, like Roger and I, are natural born killers and destroy toys at an amazing rate. It is important for owners to supervise playtime with toys, especially those that can be torn to bits in no time, and to remove them as soon as they show any wear or tear. If your dog is a heavy chewer, you should restrict the toys that you provide for her to play with. Kong makes an excellent range of tough toys for heavy chewers. We also enjoy playing with durable plush toys made by Tuffy. Our favorite toy from the Tuffy line was Tuffzilla. If you haven't even witnessed our take down of Tuffzilla, we invite you to visit Tuffzilla vs. Snub-nosed beasts.

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