Thursday, May 1, 2008

Newman's Debut

Anybody got a match? Nita Nee Kennel Club did last Sunday, April 28th when I made my first official debut in the ring at their AKC Sanctioned B-OB Match (which does not stand for Bring Own Boxer!).

Seriously, I don't know who was more nervous - Dad, me, or Mom cheering us on from the sidelines. We would have looked like real "maroons" had my Aunt Trish, a member of the Nita Nee Kennel Club, not shown us the ropes. Not only did Trish give M & D tips on loosening up in the ring, she also threw my butt up on a grooming table and buffed me up for the ring. Thanks so much!

We were completely baffled, yet pleasantly surprised to learn that Uncle Tony Louwerse was judging my first appearance in the ring. I knew that he would take it easy on Dad who was as nervous as a dog crapping razor blades. Ouch!

It wasn't a minute after Uncle Tony told Dad, "Sir, just relax. This isn't Westminster. We're all here for fun!" that I was presented with a "Best in Breed" ribbon which meant that I advanced to compete for top dog in my group - the Working Class. I thought about rubbing my ribbon in the boxer's face who was ahead of me in the ring, but Mom taught me that bragging isn't polite. Furthermore, I was the only boxer in the 6-9 month old dog category so I would have looked like a real "magna maroon" boasting to a make believe boxer.

Fast forward another 30 minutes of patiently waiting and smelling the aroma wafting from the Hot Diggity Dog Diggity Wagon, and Dad and I were back in the ring competing for Best in Group. This time I wasn't the only pooch in the ring and Uncle Tony was not the judge, so no one could bark foul play.

When the judge came over and handed Dad my "Best in Group" ribbon, I thought that he was going to drop a load right there in the ring. I beat out a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Giant Schnauzer, and a Rottweiler which meant that I advanced to Best in Show. The judge obviously didn't see me take a whiz on Dad's loafer.

When it was time for my final appearance in Best in Show, I had endured close to another hour of smelling the sizzling snauages on the grill from the Weenie Wagon, and I had all that I could take. Not really in the stacking frame of mind, I decided to take a rest and sit down most of the time in the ring during my BIS performance.

So, not being able to impress the judge with my stack, I decided that I might be able to get her attention by producing some of the largest stalagtites known to dogkind. Wrong idea! I think that she was so disgusted by my dribble that she intentionally chose that chocolate colored dust mop as Best in Show to teach me a lesson. Oh well, live and learn.

In any event after the show, Uncle Tony gave Dad a private lesson on handling which included advice on giving my fuzz nuts a gentle squeeze to get me to stand erect.

Thanks a lot, Uncle Tony!

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Renee said...

It was sooo cute to see Punchy on Newman's blog this morning... Tell him his sister sends punches and kisses..
Renee (Punchy's mommy)