Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Big Bed

What a treat I had this morning. Mom really worked her tail off yesterday and needed a few extra hours of sleep. So after my regular 7 a.m. potty call and breakfast, I was allowed to sleep in the big bed with M & D for a couple more hours.

It was lots of fun. At first I made use of the bed as a trampoline, but that ended pretty quickly after I used Mom's belly as a spring board. I still sleep in my bed at night because I am a big boy.

I heard Dad using the "C" word while talking to Mom last night which understandably upset her. You guessed it -- that "C" word. So today we had to clean the house. I understand it's a weekly ritual that neither M or D really care for.

So far, two of my favorite implements of housekeeping are the mop which I love to chase and the feather duster which tickles my nose while biting it. I'm not sure that the vacuum cleaner is my friend so I kept my distance from the Dirty Devil until I can decide.

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