Friday, March 7, 2008


I was more than a little confused today. First, Dad got me out of bed this morning rather than Mom. Then, Mom served me breakfast -- a spoonful of cottage cheese on my K-9 Caviar/Canidae medley -- but she didn't take a shower to get ready for work like she normally does after breakfast.

In fact, she sat around in her jammies working on the 'puter until almost noon when Aunt Sherry W. called with the bad news -- power had been restored to their office so they had to report to work.

So since Dad isn't working right now (except for being Mom's house husband), he sent Mom and me out to join the millions of other hard-working Americans. After all, someone in the family has to bring home the bacon. Heck, just this past week alone, I ran up a $100 tab on my charge card ordering various Earthbath toiletries, Bully sticks, and Canidae treats without even batting an eye.

Mom's co-workers are nice. Everyone has graciously welcomed the "Newman on the Block" to the Communications staff. Although, I must admit that I was a little nervous when Aunt Sherry broke out the paper slicer. I know that neutering is in my future because I've heard Mom and Dad using the dreaded "N" word. And, during my last encounter with a blade, I lost half my ears! So, can you really blame a guy for being a little uneasy?

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camcm said...

So your the new kid on the block, mom keeps talking about. She says you quit the looker. I like the strips kid. Can't wait to meet you. I'm sure I can give you "the run for your money", you're looking for. Mom's always saying that I do a great job of living up to my name.
Your cousin,
AJ's Bad Boy Benedict... aka Ben