Friday, March 14, 2008

More "new" stuff

I went to work today with Mom. We had a surprise visit by Dad around lunchtime. Since it was such a nice day, we decided to go grab some grub at Mickey D's which led to a "pignic" at Thornwald park.

After lunch, Mom took me to the Advantica Building (highly suitable transition space for the Law School while Trickett Hall is being renovated) where I must have met at least twenty new co-workers. Everyone was so friendly and kind! I love the Law School community.

Upon our return home, M & D introduced me to one of BR's all-time favorite toys and sources of exercise -- the Kong on a Rope! From the stories that I've heard, BR and Dad used to spend hours on end in the backyard throwing and fetching the infamous Kong.

Dad definitely had a special gleam in his eye and smile on his face knowing that I have potential to love the Kong as much as my late sister BR did.

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Angela said...

I need to tell Scott about the Kong...he will be very excited!