Saturday, March 1, 2008


It has been one week since my adoptive parents traveled to Severna Park, MD to pick me up from Aunt Lee. Although I miss playing with my sister Marla and my biological mom Laurel, I love my forever home where I am the only child. A special thanks to my Aunt Lee for taking such wonderful loving care of me.

I've learned a lot during my first week at my new home. Dad has really been working with me on training. Mom thinks he's a drill sergeant but they both agree that I will be a better man for it -- or would that be a better new man for it?

I already know "come" -- at short distances -- and "sit." We started working on "heel" and "stay" last night. Stay was probably the most painful because Dad was making me stay in the living room while Mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen. The alternative was to go in my crate a half hour time out, so I decided that staying in the living room on my Fido Fleece bed was a better option.

Since Dad had to work this week, I have put in nearly 40 hours this week serving as Mom's reference guide.

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