Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Encounter with "Big Head"

Today I met my big-headed cousin, Ajax. So as to not be accused of making defamatory remarks about him, let me explain the context in which I use the term "big-headed."

Judging by the exotic vacations that his parents take, Ajax is probably the wealthiest canine of the Knowlton pack. However, that is not the reason he has a big head. The explanation for his huge head is because he's a 220-pound+ English Mastiff. So you see, my use of the term "big head" is really a compliment.

In order for a defamation suit to stick, the statement made about the other puppy needs to be false, which causes that puppy to suffer harm. Had I called Ajax a "small pony" and that prevented him from getting a part in the upcoming film Pretentious Pooches then I might be looking at a libel suit.

Although I wasn't quite sure about Ajax at first (illustrated by my reluctance to leave the safety of Dad's truck), he's really down to earth just like his M & D. And, speaking of earth, he also cares about the environment like I do. So, I guess you could call us tree huggers and not worry about getting slammed with a frivolous lawsuit. "Truth" is an absolute defense to an action for defamation, and the truth is that we care about Mother Earth, including not lifting our legs to pee on shrubs.

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